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How To Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You

In this video segment, I help you begin to examine aspects of your life that may no longer be serving you. And then I show you a simple exercise you can do that will help you begin to feel safe with releasing things, as you learn that letting go doesn’t mean loss – it means clearing a path for new and better things to...


Interview on Spiritual Intelligence Podcast

I feel blessed I was featured today (June 1st) on the podcast “Spiritual Intelligence”, hosted by Ima Sumac Watkins. Ima and I had a great chat about Chinese medicine, how acupuncture works, what “Atlantis Writhing” is about and why I wrote it, and much more – be sure to listen in on the link below!


Why Deep Breathing Is Your Best Health Tool

Hello and welcome! I’m an author and acupuncturist, and my intention is to help you live a happier and healthier life. So I’ve made a series of videos created specifically to uplift…inspire…empower you. For more helpful tips, visionary books, and blog, please visit