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The Top 5 Gifts You Or Someone You Love Will Receive From Reading “Atlantis Writhing” This Holiday Season

Tis the season that inspires childlike wonder in young and old alike. For sure, there’s something magical in the air that makes us wish for these tidings of comfort and joy all year long. What if I told you my book Atlantis Writhing will help you hold onto that festive, feel-good feeling not just during December? But throughout the rest of the year, too?...


Let “Atlantis Writhing” Help You Heal Emotional Trauma

Inside every wound is a gift. Whatever hurts us emotionally – no matter how raw or deep or festered – has something to give back to us, too. Something we need. Though perhaps not what we wanted or expected. Maybe the pain we feel is a thing we’ve long resisted or run screaming from. Perhaps it’s even one of our deepest fears that’s now...


Sexual Misconduct Series: Healing The Pants-Down Debacle Holistically – Part Two

It’s Not About Sex! No matter how any of us feels about the controversial topic of sexual misconduct, I think there’s something we can all agree on. Sexual misconduct is anything but sexy. Although a lot of people may be surprised to learn that, from an energetic perspective, it has nothing to do with sex at all. Sexual misconduct is not about sex. It’s...