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A Simple Way To Have A Good Day

Energetically speaking, your intention is the most powerful tool you can use to shape your day into a wonderful experience. From the moment you wake up in the morning, you can affirm it’s going to be a good day by saying things to yourself like, “Everything always works out for me” and “Life is unfolding perfectly”. By setting your intention consciously and accompanying it...


Jean Brannon interviewed by Dr. Irena Kyd for the “Divas That Care” Network

Come join the engaging Dr. Irena Kyd and myself as we chat about ancient wellness and wisdom techniques that have mostly been lost or forgotten…methods revealed in my new e-book “Pants Down” to help anyone struggling in the modern world to live a happy and authentic and meaningful life. 


How To Let Go Of What No Longer Serves You

In this video segment, I help you begin to examine aspects of your life that may no longer be serving you. And then I show you a simple exercise you can do that will help you begin to feel safe with releasing things, as you learn that letting go doesn’t mean loss – it means clearing a path for new and better things to...