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Welcome To My YouTube Channel

My name is Jean Brannon, and I’m an author and acupuncturist. My goal is to bring you content here on YouTube that’s uplifting, inspiring, and empowering to you in your daily life. Please subscribe and you can look forward to learning lots more tips and tools for happy and healthy living – all the best healing and how-to advice I’ve cultivated from more than...


Why Spring Brings Extra Pep To Your Step

Hello and Happy Spring! Can you feel that jolly little “up” energy in the air? If the longer days and warming temps seem to have put some extra pep in your step, realize it’s not just your imagination. All of Nature is waking from winter’s long nap, and so you’ll see maple and cherry trees budding. Daffodils and tulips poking cheery petals up through...


The Top 5 Gifts You Or Someone You Love Will Receive From Reading “Atlantis Writhing” This Holiday Season

Tis the season that inspires childlike wonder in young and old alike. For sure, there’s something magical in the air that makes us wish for these tidings of comfort and joy all year long. What if I told you my book Atlantis Writhing will help you hold onto that festive, feel-good feeling not just during December? But throughout the rest of the year, too?...