The Comments & Questions

Every aspect of Atlantis Writhing is mindful and designed to inform and uplift its readers. Even its 33 chapters was an intentional creation. The book was written in 33 chapters because metaphysically and numerologically, 33 is considered the Master Teacher and widely regarded as the most influential of all numbers. The number 33 lacks personal ambition, and instead focuses its energy toward humankind’s spiritual evolvement through nurturing humanity’s loving nature, which is in line with the book’s divine purpose.

Incorporating metaphysical concepts and Eastern mysticism into these 33 chapters, Atlantis Writhing touches upon many New Thought concepts such as the Law of Attraction and the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer. The book also delves into the beauty and mystique of tantric lovemaking, which celebrates true oneness of spirit through sensual connection. All of these teachings are shared with the express purpose of creating greater awareness of how to enrich one’s life experience through bringing greater joy and love into daily living.

Because Atlantis Writhing is as much a teaching tool as it is a creative expression, its concepts are designed to evoke comments, questions and discussion in general. Here is an open forum for you, dear reader, to make comments or ask questions freely. Your thoughts, feelings and participation are highly encouraged.