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Every aspect of Atlantis Writhing is mindful and designed to inform and uplift its readers. Even its 33 chapters was an intentional creation. The book was written in 33 chapters because metaphysically and numerologically, 33 is considered the Master Teacher and widely regarded as the most influential of all numbers. The number 33 lacks personal ambition, and instead focuses its energy toward humankind’s spiritual evolvement through nurturing humanity’s loving nature, which is in line with the book’s divine purpose.

Incorporating metaphysical concepts and Eastern mysticism into these 33 chapters, Atlantis Writhing touches upon many New Thought concepts such as the Law of Attraction and the Hawaiian Ho’oponopono prayer. The book also delves into the beauty and mystique of tantric lovemaking, which celebrates true oneness of spirit through sensual connection. All of these teachings are shared with the express purpose of creating greater awareness of how to enrich one’s life experience through bringing greater joy and love into daily living.

Because Atlantis Writhing is as much a teaching tool as it is a creative expression, its concepts are designed to evoke comments, questions and discussion in general. Here is an open forum for you, dear reader, to make comments or ask questions freely. Your thoughts, feelings and participation are highly encouraged.




Comments & Questions received
  • 9-6-2019
    Dear Jean, I hope you are doing well! I have a question about an acupuncture experience I  had a few years ago. During this time I was experiencing extreme anxiety and stress, so I was  recommended to go to acupuncture. After a brief first session, I decided to go again. However, during  this second session, which lasted around 30-40 minutes, I noticed during the session that my mind  felt like it was blank, as if I drifted off into a different consciousness. Once I noticed this, I started  having a mini panic attack on the table that subsided after a minute or so. I did not mention this to  the acupuncturist, and went on my way home. However, since that day, I feel that my mind is  constantly “blank” and my inner voice and thoughts that I do have aren’t “up front” in my mind, if that  makes sense. It’s like I’m just drifting throughout the day and don’t think to myself like I used to.  When I close my eyes to meditate or sleep, no thoughts pop up, and its like my brain is turned off.  This is a very unpleasurable experience, and has been going on for years since that session. I’m  wondering if this was due to the acupuncture itself, or due to intense anxiety that I had. If from  acupuncture, would these effects last this long after just one session? Any feedback you have would  be really helpful, as I have been searching for answers. Thank you very much.
  • Jean’s reply:
    Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I feel honored that you would share your past experiences with acupuncture with me, and it’s my sincere intention to be able to provide some information that will hopefully answer your questions and offer some guidance.

    What you describe – from seeking treatment for extreme anxiety and stress, having a mini panic attack on the table, and now having a “blank” feeling in regard to thoughts or your inner voice – are all consistent with what one goes through while having entity attachments. Called gui (pronounced “gway”) in Chinese medicine, entities are commonly treated by acupuncturists like myself who are trained in Classical acupuncture techniques that are based on the ancient spiritual aspects of the medicine. There are also many acupuncturists in this country who are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which often focuses more on the physical manifestations of imbalances. It’s possible the practitioner you saw was focusing on the physical manifestation of anxiety in your body, as opposed to recognizing the signs of an underlying issue with possession. As Taoists like to say, there’s no one way up the mountain, and so I wouldn’t say that practitioner’s approach was wrong – it just seems that you left that treatment feeling even worse than prior to treatment, and so I’d like to help you understand what happened with that treatment – and how perhaps you can make a choice moving forward that leads to healing and wholeness.

    When we experience anxiety and stress, we are always in an ungrounded state. Truly, 100 percent of anxiety sufferers are ungrounded and also shallow breathers, which means the lung meridian isn’t fully expanded and energized. The lung is in charge of our body’s exterior wei qi, which is in essence how we form a boundary with the outer world – and which is a main defense against entity attachments. With the lung not being well aspected, we tend to be more vulnerable to an earthbound spirit attaching to us – especially when anxiety is already present, since anxiety and stress lower our vibrational frequency and attract low-energy spirit attachments.

    It’s important to remember that, no matter how gentle someone is while needling, that acupuncture is an invasive technique. And often, people with anxiety who have an underlying issue with entities are extremely sensitive to any kind of technique that will help balance and uplift the body’s overall vibration. Earthbound spirits need our lower-vibration bodies to serve as “batteries” to fuel them, and so any attempt to uplift and empower the host’s frequency is perceived as a threat. Often, the result is a disconnect from one’s own inner power – which can be perceived as a blank or unfeeling state. Many people will feel distracted or routinely “check out” of their bodies and not be able to account for certain time periods; these experiences are all common with entity attachments, as the entity wants to ensure the host doesn’t raise the vibration enough such that the entity will simply be unable to stay (which is exactly what happens, if one increases one’s vibration enough).

    With all of that being said, I wish to reassure you that this issue with feeling constantly “blank” was a pre-existing condition that wasn’t caused by that one acupuncture treatment; that treatment simply put the entity attachment on “high alert”, and it seems your energetic system has remained virtually unchanged since that time.

    Practicing deep belly breathing throughout the day, at least 20 minutes of earthing (with your bare feet to the ground), and making positive thinking your “daily habit” all will have a profound influence on raising your vibration – which will go a long way toward eliminating unwanted entity attachments. Have you considered working with another practitioner to help you with the anxiety? Perhaps a Classical acupuncturist or a Reiki practitioner? There is always an issue with victim consciousness behind any manifestation of entities in the body, and so having someone help you remember your magnificence so you can be operating from a self-empowered state is truly the “cure” for entities that operate by sucking and stealing one’s energies.

    Please know that entity attachments are quite common until people learn to cultivate personal power and live from a continual self-empowered state. And so there’s nothing to fear – this is a natural process for many people who are on a spiritual path and looking to evolve their souls.

    I hope this information has been helpful. Please let me know if you have questions, or if I can be of further assistance.

    Wishing you a blessed evening,