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I’m author and licensed acupuncturist Jean Brannon, whose new novel Atlantis Splitting is available now for pre-orders (https://absolutelovepublishing.com/atlantis-splitting/) I also penned Atlantis Writhing, Book One in the Highest Light Series; it’s available for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks and other similar outlets – or you can order directly from my publisher Absolute Love Publishing.  Please visit The Latest From Jean for my most recent posts or drop Denise Thompson a line (ambassador@absolutelovepublishing.com) for media event information or to schedule appearances and interviews.

But for starters, welcome to this space where I wish to give you as many personal development tools as possible. As a writer and practicing acupuncturist, I do my best to help people become more balanced and self-empowered through sharing ancient wisdom and New Thought concepts. My sessions have always incorporated a great deal of honest conversation and committed listening. I have found it’s incredibly healing to take the time to chat with folks in a safe and relaxed manner. Much in the way you would if you were sitting with a trusted friend on your front porch.

And so I like to think my work, metaphorically speaking anyway, is about sharing front porch time with people. About helping them feel comfortable in their own skins. In their own power, so they will in turn share some porch time with others. Ideally beaming forth their own power like porch lights to inspire others. Which is why I call on the front porch metaphor frequently. I wish to empower as many people as possible to shine as brightly as they can. I hope I can inspire you, too. I invite you to hang with me here on the porch and become one of our family of Porch Lights by subscribing using the form at the bottom of any page.

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And as always, let me encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings with me by getting in touch on The Comments & Questions or any of my social media pages. Let’s connect!

Interview with Dr. Irina Kyd

Below, I share ancient wisdom and wellness techniques from “Pants Down”, my latest book on the secret healing powers of the lower body chakras. In this chat with Dr. Irena Kyd, I share self-empowering tips and techniques and Chinese medicine insights so you can learn how to stay calm in the midst of chaos, create happy and healthy relationships, and enjoy a turned on, tuned in, and toned up life…naturally!