Atlantis Writhing

Atlantis Writhing is the first installment of the Highest Light trilogy and explores love as the key to social change, as a heroine finds self-empowerment and a plan to save the galaxy through Eastern Mysticism and New Thought ideals.

A brief synopsis is below:

Psychic preacher Elysia fears something is wickedly wrong with her. She’s from a world where only virtuous thoughts exist. Where she has no physical body and seemingly no morals, since her whole life she’s kept a dirty secret – she obsesses over sex. She knows none of her fellow Light Ray missionaries had lascivious longings in mind when they traded their superpowers and half their souls for human form and an undercover assignment.

They were told they must save Atlantis, a continent besieged by an evil regime rolling ever closer to intergalactic domination. But the crew soon learns their humanitarian quest is a hoax, their hushed surgeries a clever severing of gifts and immortality. Betrayed by their home planet and weakening by the minute, the team soldiers on as the last Atlantean resistance.

With danger at every turn, Elysia finds the greatest peril of all in a foe’s forbidden gaze, in eyes that are every shade of sensual. Yet behind his seductive ways is a shocking mystery that will explain her carnal desires and perhaps save the squad, even as it shatters her beliefs about right and wrong.

Average Rating:

4.6 rating based on 32 ratings (all editions)

ISBN-10: 0999577352
ISBN-13: 9780999577356
Goodreads: 42243004

Author(s): Publisher: Absolute Love Publishing
Published: 11//2018

Atlantis is writhing. Chaos and greed have granted an obsessive new monarch enough power to destroy the world — and beyond.

The only thing standing between King Gadeirus and intergalactic annihilation is Elysia and her fellow Light Ray missionaries. As time grows short, the missionaries work tirelessly to overcome the evil Lesser Light forces. When all other options have been stripped away, a symbol long lost to antiquity surfaces just in time to inspire them to concoct one last desperate scheme.

Yet forbidden longings must be dealt with, too. Cravings Elysia must confront in the presence of hypnotic Alaric, a visiting dignitary with a scandalous past.

But behind his seductive ways is a shocking secret — an unexpected key that may help Elysia unlock her potent power and wield it in the fight for the Highest Light.