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Endorsement for metaphysical fiction author Jean Brannon
Meg Ming endorses metaphysical fiction author Jean Brannon
Metaphysical fiction author Jean Brannon’s long-awaited sequel is also available from your favorite independent book seller:
Without a doubt, I hope you’ll sit back for a spell with Tania Marie and me as we discuss not only my evolution as a metaphysical fiction author, but the magical intrigue of ancient crystal skull legends. (What’s more, here’s a spoiler alert – crystal skulls are featured in Book 3!):
Recently, I also had the pleasure of chatting with Mike Briggs on his radio show Briggs on Books . In a nutshell, we talked about A2 and writing meant to soothe the dark night of the soul:
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Past events featuring metaphysical fiction author Jean Brannon

  • 9-30-2019 The ever-engaging Laureen Card and I had a great time chatting. To be sure, we talked about how straightening our crowns and living from a “Balanced Queen” perspective can uplift and empower us all in this interview from her Divas That Care Network show Women Leading Change. It is also available on iTunes and directly on SoundCloud. Listen in now for more tips and tools to transform your life choices by clicking here. Or use the embedded interview below.
  • 9-23-2019 Following our AW discussion, Tania Marie interviewed me again on her blog. This time we focused on my new ebook Pants Down: How the Trousers-to Toes Chakras Can Keep You Turned on, Tuned in, And Toned up. Link to the interview here.
  • 9-11-2019 Brenda Pearce from Ageless Blissings Radio and I delved into Pants Down. We covered the ways that balancing the lower body chakras can help everything from working too hard and not seeing results to the opioid crisis. Please listen in on our chat here.
  • 9-9-2019 We discussed my journey as a metaphysical fiction author on Daria Anne DiGiovanni’s show. Check out “Your Book, Your Brand, Your Business” on W4CY Radio. Link to show!
  • 8-8-2019 At last, the long-awaited min-e-book Pants Down: How the Trousers-to Toes Chakras Can Keep You Turned on, Tuned in, And Toned up (Ancient Ways to Wellness Book 1! Links to order from your favorite merchant are on the sidebar to the right.
  • 6-1-2019 I feel blessed I was featured today on the podcast “Spiritual Intelligence”, hosted by Ima Sumac Watkins. Ima and I had a great chat about Chinese medicine, how acupuncture works, what “Atlantis Writhing” is about and why I wrote it, and much more. Be sure to listen in on the link below! Click here to listen!
  • 2-2-2019