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Surrender Your Worries 0

“Surrender Your Worries” – A Guided Meditation

Let go of whatever has got you wound up, shut down, bummed out, or caving in to chaos. Come sit for a bit with author & acupuncturist Jean Brannon, as her whispery voice guides you along a relaxing journey to help you surrender any cares or concerns – and to a sacred space within that’s brimming with love and tranquility.

2020 COVR Visionary Awards | Jean Brannon 0

2020 COVR Visionary Awards

Risk your heart and realize, if it cracks open, then Leonard Cohen would simply say that’s how the light gets in. It was in 2013 that my own heart opened wide to the light, when my beloved Gregory Lawrence Hagin died. Leaving me stunned in a sudden and unexpected silence. The kind of desperate quiet that screams, “What next?”. I don’t often speak of...

Calm Down, Chill Out, Flow Beyond Fear – Best Guided Meditation 0

Calm Down, Chill Out, Flow Beyond Fear – A Guided Meditation

Angst, anxiety, “monkey mind”, or any form of fear can ease when we learn to take our cues from Mother Nature. Truly, one of her best teachers for how to “go with the flow” is a river, which shows us how we can float calmly along even as life’s rapids rage and swirl around us. Come sit for a bit with author & acupuncturist...