Why Spring Brings Extra Pep To Your Step

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  1. Véronique says:

    Jean BRANNON is MAGIC!!!I cannot believe the way I feel after a treatment with her!! First my energy is back in a calm and profound way, I feel joyful and optimistic, my hip pain is gone, I slept like a baby , my elimination went back to normal, and I have no cravings just the desire to nourish myself healthily….what else can I ask!!!?I LOVE IT!!!and I LOVE HER!!!Thank you Jean🙏😃

    • Jean says:

      Veronique, I so appreciate your kind comments!! It is always a pleasure to see you. I’m honored to be a part of your healing team and it’s a blessing to watch you flourish!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the title of your book! You’ve taught me so much about the liver and it’s important role, especially in the Springtime. So looking forward to reading “Pants Down”! We writerly types tend to get awfully stuck in our heads…

    • Jean Brannon says:

      Thank you so much, Jaclyn! I’m really glad the title resonates with you (when writers and editors are Sympatico, I feel magic is afoot!!). And for sure, writers or any creative artists can easily get stuck in the mental realm – especially when the liver is out of balance. Energetically, the liver governs our creativity and oversees our “vision” and helps us birth ideas. All of which flows much more easily when the liver is well aspected.

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